[ExI] Does the Star Trek transporter kill people?

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When you say "despite this", do you perhaps mean "because of this"?  This
is not what despite means.   bill w

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> On 19/11/2021 15:57, John Grigg wrote:
> I have a close friend who felt royally screwed over by Krauss while in his
> physics doctoral program. Upon learning that his wife and the mother of his
> children was cheating on him and leaving, he could no longer concentrate on
> his studies, and so requested time off so he could grieve and get his head
> on straight. Krauss said no, absolutely not, and that basically bad things
> happen in life and you cannot let them affect your work. I was floored that
> my buddy was treated this way. Is this common treatment/policy from public
> universities?
> Despite this, my friend at least had his masters in physics, and got to
> work on an upgrade project for the MRI body scanner, which I thought was
> very cool.
> When you say "despite this", do you perhaps mean "because of this"?
> Obviously Krauss realised that 'he could no longer concentrate on his
> studies' was incorrect, at least.
> Ben
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