[ExI] Does the Star Trek transporter kill people?

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On 20/11/2021 14:57, Adrian Tymes wrote:
> No, it's legit.  "Despite" the obstacles that John's friend 
> encountered, he got his degree.
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>     When you say "despite this", do you perhaps mean "because of
>     this"? This is not what despite means.   bill w
Hm. What I'm suggesting is that perhaps if Krauss had acceded to his 
request, he may not have got his degree. And perhaps Krauss had 
experience of that happening. Hence his refusal. At the very least, he 
probably realised that the guy was capable of continuing his studies in 
spite of his problem. After all, in most cases, someone has a higher 
chance of getting a degree if they continue their studies uninterrupted 
than if they don't.


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