[ExI] Transhumanists in Sao Paulo

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Thu Nov 25 13:25:00 UTC 2021

Yes, I keep trying to explain about the list to him. haha

I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything specifically, many such
anglophone groups are frustratingly defunct, so I imagine the same is true
in Portuguese.

But thank you

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> >
> > My current boyfriend is a transhumanist and I’ve been trying to get him
> to join the list for months now, but he feels intimidated I guess.
> >
> > Do you know of any Portuguese language mailing lists/forums, or any
> Transhumanist groups in Sao Paulo Brazil?
> >
> > SR Ballard
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> Hi
> Anybody can join the list and just read it for interest.
> I understand there are hundreds of read-only members but
> only a few people post messages.
> If you want to find Portuguese data, you have to search in Portuguese.
> Something like 'Lista de correio Transhumanista Portuguesa'.
> The search results are all in Portuguese of course!
> BillK
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