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>…I LOVE it when the JWs visit.  Spike, aren't you a JW?  Or are you 7th day Adventist?  I can never remember…


Hi Brent,


Its a delta variant of Seventh Day Adventists we call A29.  I kinda invented it, or rather invented the name.  There is a story behind it which I will omit for now.  It has become popular among those who are former SDA, but share some views still, such as the notion that humans (and any other living thing) is a machine that can be replicated in theory.  


I carry the notion further into believing that a sentient being can have its conscience uploaded and simulated so effectively, the beast itself doesn’t realize it is a sim.  When you think about it, that is the only realistic model many of us have for a life after this hunk of protoplasm wears out.  We might think of it as a kind of cornerstone of transhumanism: that sentience is not substrate dependent.


In A29, one does not need to accept the notion of a supernatural being.  One can still have a supreme being, defined as the smartest thing in the universe (or galaxy if you prefer thinking in those terms (the universe is really really big (the galaxy is too (so we can restrict our thinking to the galaxy (for this supreme being is subject to the laws of nature (including the speed of light.))))))


>…  They always said about us missionaries: "they all look the same to us"  Brent


Brent I can say this about the Mormon missionaries: they seem to be really good guys.  We see them around, talk to them and cheer them on, while making it perfectly clear we don’t want their religion (or any other.)  They seem cool with that.





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