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>>… if we can figure out a way to educate the superstition out of most of them. spike


>…I don't know if that is even possible.  Obviously our brains accept false correlations as well as true ones, so we are fighting basic processes of our minds.  All those cognitive errors we keep talking about are built in.  I can't see our acquiring them as learning.  Does anyone think they are learned?  Our brains have worked well enough to get us here and thriving as a species and you can't blame Mother Nature for not making everything perfect.  Evolution did its job, though much of the way our minds work is regrettable and could be designed much better.  bill w


It is one step more subtle than that Billw.  Our acceptance of superstition is built in, a phenomenon for which I use a term I already know you dislike: instinct.  Our instinct steers us wrong (as it does with so many things) in this case.  Accepting superstition is built in, but overcoming it is a learned behavior.

One of our biggest challenges is that built in behaviors are low effort and replicate easier than learned behaviors.  Soon the superstitious elements outnumber and outvote the learned behaviors.



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