[ExI] Metaverse - Could be even worse than social media.

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Such a future was contemplated back in the '90s:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJO_pBML7xw .

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> Metaverse: Augmented reality inventor warns it could be far worse than
> social media.
> If used improperly, the metaverse could be more divisive than social
> media and an insidious threat to society and even reality itself.
> THE FUTURE — NOVEMBER 6, 2021   Louis Rosenberg
> <https://bigthink.com/the-future/metaverse-augmented-reality-danger/>
> Quotes:
> Social media manipulates our reality by filtering what we are allowed
> (or not allowed) to see. We live in dangerous times because too many
> people use social media to disseminate untruths and promote division.
> Augmented reality and the metaverse have the potential to amplify
> these dangers to incomprehensible levels.
> At its core, augmented reality (AR) and the metaverse are media
> technologies that aim to present content in the most natural form
> possible — by seamlessly integrating simulated sights, sounds, and
> even feelings into our perception of the real world around us. This
> means AR, more than any form of media to date, has the potential to
> alter our sense of reality, distorting how we interpret our direct
> daily experiences. In an augmented world, simply walking down the
> street will become a wild amalgamation of the physical and the
> virtual, merged so convincingly that the boundaries will disappear in
> our minds. Our surroundings will become filled with persons, places,
> objects, and activities that don’t actually exist, and yet they will
> seem deeply authentic to us.
> Personally, I find this terrifying. That is because augmented reality
> will fundamentally change all aspects of society and not necessarily
> in a good way.
> ---------------------------
> Big changes ahead.  If we can't stop present-day social media from
> harming people, how will a much more powerful technology be
> controlled?  As the work-from-home revolution has demonstrated, is
> this the first step in humanity leaving the real world and moving into
> virtual worlds? The lessons of Second Life have been learned and the
> Metaverse could become irresistible.
> BillK
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