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Subject: [ExI] very disturbing


>…Mass looting in San Francisco and now in Minnesota.  And owners are prevented from stopping them.  You think this won't spread?  bill w


It already has spread.  We have seen it in San Jose and smaller communities.  Flash mob looters are demonstrating the end of traditional retailing.


Now we have a viable alternative.  Near where I live is a massive Amazon warehouse.  A prole can go watch them load delivery trucks 20 at a time: 5 rows of four across, twenty crews consisting of three each: one in the truck, two on the ground, loading the trucks in fifteen minutes.  They send out 20 trucks every fifteen minutes all day.  Flash mobs cannot plunder the Amazon distribution center.  Amazon does not have a lot of idle capital or a lot of idle workers as any retailer has.  Amazon does not have employee theft as any retailer has.  We can see the end of the road for traditional retail sales.







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