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> Mass looting in San Francisco and now in Minnesota.  And owners are prevented from stopping them.  You think this won't spread?
> What the Hell?    bill w
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As you would expect, there is much discussion going on in Retail groups.

Locked doors and only allowing one or two customers in at a time.
Steel shutters over doors and windows could provide security outside
opening hours. Video recording of faces and cars licence plates, etc.
A secure room for staff protection and bringing the shutters down
would trap the robbers inside for long enough to allow the cops to
Another suggestion was 'catalogue stores' with no stock on display (or
perhaps one of each item only) and home delivery. Like a mini-Amazon.
Closing stores after several attacks will get the message through to
city officials. If the cities lose the rich customers and retail
premises tax income they will pay attention eventually and take action
to stop criminal behaviour.


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