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> Mass looting in San Francisco and now in Minnesota.  And owners are
prevented from stopping them.  You think this won't spread?
> What the Hell?    bill w
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>...As you would expect, there is much discussion going on in Retail groups.

>...Locked doors and only allowing one or two customers in at a time...

Fails because insufficient profit per unit time.  Amazon is hauling
Chinese-made trinkets by the truckload, each loaded in less than a minute.

>...Steel shutters over doors and windows could provide security outside
opening hours...

This is already done in high-risk places, accepting the prison-like
appearance of a retail outlet and possibly chasing away customers who
perceive that as a high crime area.

>... Video recording of faces and cars licence plates, etc...

Ja, useless unless the constabulary will follow up, which usually they will
not unless someone is slain, which means an actual felony has taken place or
the mayor's daughter's store was hit.

>...A secure room for staff protection and bringing the shutters down would
trap the robbers inside for long enough to allow the cops to arrive...

That has been proposed for pharmacies, but if the undocumented shoppers are
still in the store and have nothing in their hands, they haven't actually
committed a crime.

>...Another suggestion was 'catalogue stores' with no stock on display (or
perhaps one of each item only) and home delivery. Like a mini-Amazon...

Ja.  But if they are in a metro area, they are competing directly with
mega-Amazon, who has the trucks and can sometimes get the merch to the prole
the same day it was ordered.

>...Closing stores after several attacks will get the message through to
city officials. If the cities lose the rich customers and retail premises
tax income they will pay attention eventually and take action to stop
criminal behaviour.  BillK

That's what we are seeing BillK.  To the retailers we can bid adios amigo
and scarcely miss them.  I haven't been to a traditional retail outlet since
I went camping at Mount Rainier and froze my ass off.  Afterwards a retailer
fixed me up with a new one.  But not since then, which has been many years.
So we generally don't miss them, as we see former retail outlet buildings
being converted to... homeless shelters.

The city fathers...  oh wait, the city non-lactating... no... the
city...em... non-uterus-owning parental units... struggled with the
consequences, but this particular town where I live is in good shape
because... we have a huge Amazon outlet inside the city limits.  Our dear
leaders made a controversial tax deal with Mr. Bezos, he located here, saved
our municipal asses, so now we don't need the retailers, but we need your
building, so adios a-freaking-migos.


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