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I guess this is another example of how I’m different.  Everyone else
doesn’t like when the Jehovah’s Witnesses come knocking, I do, and I love
good Fruit cakes �� as gifts.  Everyone else likes to stay private, but not
me.  I completely dislike anonymous advertisements, for example.  90% of
them are a completely irrelevant waste of my time.  But Google knows me
intimately.  They know what I want better than I do.  Most all of the adds
I get from Google are almost always exactly what I need, when I need it.
To me, it is all wonderful.  Sure, they make money off this, but I enjoy
that too, given all the great free stuff I get from Google.

To me, being so private is just selfish.  On the eff’n privacy HIPPA form
they now have for all the Docs, where it asks who can access my data, I
always put everyone, for any reason, forever.  Before all this, researchers
could do great scientific studies on all the personal data.  No more.  We
could have had covid under much better control, from the start, if everyone
would allow tracking apps on their phone.  But no, all the selfish bastards
need to be private, so more of us end up dying.  Doesn’t seem like a good
trade off, to me.

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> I saw a troubling sign today. Literally. The sign was on a bus shelter,
> and it was an advert for DuckDuckGo.
> I presume some of you here use it instead of the dreaded G-word search
> engine, and it trumpets how it preserves privacy (the advert features a
> blurred/pixellated face).
> The trouble I see is that if they are so big now that they're
> advertising to the public, they are big enough to be a target for bigger
> fish to swallow or subvert. So I'm starting to think about lining up
> some alternatives that are similarly privacy-oriented but still small.
> Any suggestions?
> Ben
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