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> To me, being so private is just selfish.  On the eff’n privacy HIPPA form
> they now have for all the Docs, where it asks who can access my data, I
> always put everyone, for any reason, forever.  Before all this, researchers
> could do great scientific studies on all the personal data.  No more.  We
> could have had covid under much better control, from the start, if everyone
> would allow tracking apps on their phone.  But no, all the selfish bastards
> need to be private, so more of us end up dying.  Doesn’t seem like a good
> trade off, to me.

Surely you can imagine scenarios where your openness makes you easily
exploitable ... you might even convince yourself that you're ok with being
a farm animal because conditions are nicer than expected in the wild ...
but something (maybe something ineffable) is lost when a wolf is turned
into a lapdog.

You don't know what activities you may contribute to a blockchain with
intent to be fully transparent that might later be retroactively illegal,
or otherwise make it easier for an oppressive regime to identify you as a
person of interest.  Until/unless we are afforded (guaranteed) protection
from the future, I'd rather preserve privacy.

Call me selfish; I'll own that. :)

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