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BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 19:47:57 UTC 2021

On Sun, 28 Nov 2021 at 16:07, Ben Zaiboc via extropy-chat
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> I saw a troubling sign today. Literally. The sign was on a bus shelter,
> and it was an advert for DuckDuckGo.
> I presume some of you here use it instead of the dreaded G-word search
> engine, and it trumpets how it preserves privacy (the advert features a
> blurred/pixellated face).
> The trouble I see is that if they are so big now that they're
> advertising to the public, they are big enough to be a target for bigger
> fish to swallow or subvert. So I'm starting to think about lining up
> some alternatives that are similarly privacy-oriented but still small.
> Any suggestions?
> Ben
> _______________________________________________

I would recommend having links to more than one private search engine
as the search results may differ between engines.
The problem with big engines like Google is that they tailor their search
results using various methods, excluding results that they disapprove
of or are disliked by governments and aligning results to your
'bubble' or location.  That's why if two different people search
Google, they can get different results.
The private search engines hide your data, location, etc., and use
various engines and techniques to get search results. I mostly use Startpage
and Duckduckgo. I like the Startpage 'Anonymous View' proxy link for
when you browse websites in the results.


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