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>>> Regarding the lifestyle stuff: vegetarianism is probably a good idea 
> for optimal health.

>>…I would dispute that.

>>…It's certainly not my experience.

>>…Of course, everyone has to find out what works best for them




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>…I don't remember the article, which was long ago but it was about the Inuits and their huge consumption of fats… Not for everyone, though, as you say.  bill w




Both commentators have mentioned something fundamental: everyone is different.  The diet industry is generalized.  What works for one person is toxic to another.  In general, health and diet industry is geared toward those trying to lose weight.  What if one is trying to gain weight but cannot?  Does that person just reverse everything?   Noooooo, not at all.  Some of the common diet principles are universal, some are for weight reduction, some are for optimal weight maintenance.  Those who have never tried to gain weight don’t understand the challenges faced by those (very few) people who are trying to bulk up a bit.


Even with that, high fat diets are really bad for some people but just the ticket for others.  I don’t know why the same species varies so much, but I have a theory: it’s because humans have lived all over the planet for long enough that our digestive systems have adapted to local conditions and available food.  Now, very suddenly in human history, we can all have food from anywhere on the planet any time we want it and in any quantity (hey cool, suuuuuushiiiiii) which changes the game entirely.


I have heard a lot of people say good things about paleo diet, and I personally would still like to see a full costume cave man (and of course cave woman) party with a fire-roasted hog, stone tools only to whack off hunks of flesh, no technologies (including garments (or anything invented in the last half million years (which would preclude anyone taking photos to post on the internet (which would lead to greater freedom of expression (kinda like Burning Man (only… burnier.))))))  That would be a kick in the butt.  We would have so much fun, total Lord of the Flies, without the actual… murder. 


As a huge generality, vegetarian or light meat eating is probably good for the person and good for the planet, but not for everyone for sure.  Ben best wishes with that diet, me lad.  




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