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I don't remember the article, which was long ago but it was about the
Inuits and their huge consumption of fats, like seal fat.  I seem to recall
that their health was excellent, as was a man's who lived with them for a
time.   Of course they have spent many generations eating a lot of fat and
that may have changed their gut flora substantially to accommodate the fat
intake.  Then there's epigenetics.  Many people have been vegetarians and
been healthy for a long time - into their 80s, like Thomas Jefferson - Ben
FRanklin, though he did eat fish.  (Ben saw that one fish had eaten another
one and decided that if they could eat each other, he could eat them - not
his finest moment for logic).  Not for everyone, though, as you say.  bill w

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> On 28/11/2021 01:35, Spike wrote:
> > Regarding the lifestyle stuff: vegetarianism is probably a good idea
> > for optimal health.
> I would dispute that.
> It's certainly not my experience.
> Of course, everyone has to find out what works best for them, but I
> strongly suspect that the current tendency to regard vegetarianism, and
> especially the extreme variety, as being healthier than meat-eating is a
> clever piece of 'fake news' promoted by vegetarians.
> I find it remarkable that the statement "meat is good for you" is
> controversial. It shouldn't be. I think part of the cleverness bahind
> this distortion of the facts lies in diverting the meaning of 'meat' to
> mean, on the whole, highly processed meat. I wouldn't dispute that a lot
> of highly processed meat isn't good. But 'meat' != 'junk food'. And if
> it wasn't for meat, we wouldn't be who we are. There would be no Homo
> Sapiens.
> These days, I eat a low-carb diet, and eat a ton of meat and dairy
> products. And I've never been healthier or felt as good in my life. I've
> spend decades conforming to the accepted wisdom that fat is bad for you,
> carbs should contribute the majority of your daily calories, and meat is
> not good, especially red meat. I even became a vegetarian for a while
> (which was not a good experience). During these decades, I steadily got
> fatter and less fit and healthy. Since discovering, and experimenting
> with, the low-carb diet, that trend has reversed. It's almost as if I
> was getting younger. I'm not, obviously, but that's how it feels. I can
> honestly say I feel better now than I have in 30 years. Even as a kid
> and a teenager, my health and general well-being wasn't as good as it is
> now.
> So that's why I, personally, dispute the notion that "vegetarianism is
> probably a good idea for optimal health".
> And before someone says "but you can be vegetarian and low-carb!", I can
> only say: Try it. I'm not saying it's impossible, I know it works for
> some people. But so does calorie-restriction.
> Anyway, I just wanted to challenge the idea that vegetarianism is an
> unalloyed good thing, that everyone should take up. It's a story that
> you shouldn't swallow whole without question, and without finding out
> what works best for you.
>   Ben
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