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It took a few bubbles, or spikes in price (each one 10x the previous)
before I finally started investing in Bitcoin, around $200.
Sold a big portion of my IRA...
But I hated proof of waste, um, I mean proof of work.  It is such a waste,
and destroys the environment.
Then I heard about new currencies, like bitshares, that are getting off of
proof of work consensus algorithms.
So I sold all my bitcoin and invested in that and Ether.
Was able to quit my day job and hire a team to work on Canonizer.com, so
now living the fun life.

Just my opinion, but it isn't over yet.  In my opinion, Ether or Smart
Money is going to pass up bitcoin ("the flipping") and take over the world.
Right now both the Bitcoin and Ether networks can't take any more
transactions, so only the highest bidders get their transaction in the next
block, so people are paying as high $10 and more to pay for transaction and
gas fees.
But when Eth 2.0 comes out, Ether will be able to scale to Visa level
payment system volumes, and the gas price will become cheap, again.
Despite the extremely high cost of Gas, today, people are still paying
that, to do things on the network.
Emagine how many people are going to want to use the network when the price
of gas drops by more than 10x, once we are fully on Ether 2.0.
Most people in the world Still don't really know anything about crypto.  I
believe that will change when people realize what smart money is.
And unlike Bitcoin, which still prints new inflationary bitcoin to pay for
each block of proof of work, Ether now deflates, consuming more ether per
block than is paid out.

Anyway, just my opinion.  And take all this with a grain of salt, as more
than 80% of my net worth is invested in Ether, so I'm probably very biased.

The singularity is here, after all.  The number of and extreme nature of
investment opportunities is going to continue to explode, For example Tesla
and other AI companies, medical technology companies... are going through
the roof, as I'm sure you guys know.

You aint seen noth'n yet.

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>> Ja.  This is the reason I am not a skerjillionaire, the reason plenty of
>> us are not rich today.  We were here when Hal Finney was discussing a
>> digital currency, way back in the 90s.  I didn’t buy into it because of
>> caution from the stock options experience.
> I had the same reaction at the time (and I was on the cypherpunks list as
> well, as were a lot of the people here, I presume), mostly due to the
> various digital cash attempts in the 90s - digicash, e-gold etc.  Another
> micropayments scheme on the internet? Nothing will come of it.  And here we
> are.....
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