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Dave Sill sparge at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 11:59:17 UTC 2021

On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 4:59 PM William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat <
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> I am getting a lot more spam on Gmail than I am used to.  When I click on
> the spam icon it sometimes asks if I want to unsubscribe.  Now my memory is
> not good, but I am sure that I did not subscribe to some of these outfits.
> Is this new?

No, but it's on the increase.

> Are some of these people getting my email address and subscribing me?


> Some things I have marked as spam keep coming.  Is there a better way to
> eliminate them than just marking them spam?

Unsubscribe if you can. Mark as spam if they keep coming. You can also
create a filter to automatically delete them.

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