[ExI] Crazy electric scooter racing

Henrik Ohrstrom henrik.ohrstrom at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 14:19:10 UTC 2021

Airbag for older citizens, they also make airbags for bike and horse use.
Really reduces the amount of ouch from a whoops. Highly recommended.

Racing on ice is also a thing, actually I think there are a sport like it
in US as well.
The 5in spikes on the tires make running over your competition a wee bit
Om scooter sized tires it would become more stabby and then also throw the
overrunner for even more merriment.

Den tors 30 sep. 2021 14:42spike jones via extropy-chat <
extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org>
Could we make a racing suit with inflatable bladders to pad my aged but
still eager hips and elbows?  How about if we race on a flat track with
plenty of run-out area on the periphery so if we fall off we don't hit a
damn wall.  Or what if we race them on ice or something?

> spike
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