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>…Airbag for older citizens…



Cool thx Henrik.



>…Racing on ice is also a thing, actually I think there are a sport like it in US as well.



Ja I have followed it halfheartedly over the years.  The commies introduced it back in about the 1950s.  It caught on in Canada and Sweden, but I don’t know of other leagues doing full spike ice racing. 


>…The 5in spikes on the tires make running over your competition a wee bit exiting.


If I were going to try something like that, I would do time trials only on an otherwise deserted track.  Don’t want no spikes in spike.


The American version of that uses bolts instead of spikes and the race is held on a dirt flat track with ice over it:




>…Om scooter sized tires it would become more stabby and then also throw the overrunner for even more merriment. 



Ja, again I would only attempt it on a track with no other racers.  Good chance I would be OK if I fell off and no one hit me, given a good Kevlar suit.




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