[ExI] Crazy electric scooter racing

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> Ja I have followed it halfheartedly over the years.  The commies introduced it back in about the 1950s.  It caught on in Canada and Sweden, but I don’t know of other leagues doing full spike ice racing.
> If I were going to try something like that, I would do time trials only on an otherwise deserted track.  Don’t want no spikes in spike.
> The American version of that uses bolts instead of spikes and the race is held on a dirt flat track with ice over it:
> Ja, again I would only attempt it on a track with no other racers.  Good chance I would be OK if I fell off and no one hit me, given a good Kevlar suit.
> spike
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One thing to bear in mind for the airbags is that after each fall a
replacement gas cartridge is required and these aren't cheap. $25 to
$30 dollars for motorcyclists, maybe $50-$60 dollars for the hip
protectors. That's a good incentive to avoid falls!
If you are accident-prone, then body armour and padding may be
the better way to go.


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