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I have a friend who makes amazing neural network images, I'll ask him

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> I have recently been asked to commission some artists to create
> Non-Fungible Tokens for auction.  I suspect there may be some members of
> this list who might be able to make these, and interested in making a bit
> of somewhat-quick cash.
> The requestor is Foundation For The Future, to auction at their gala on
> October 21: https://www.f4f.space/gala .  The requested theme is
> near-Earth space industry: lunar mining, space-based solar power
> satellites, et cetera.
> Key points for those considering participation:
> * You'll be paid a percentage of what the NFT you make auctions for (exact
> percentage to be disclosed to those who inquire and are seriously
> considering doing this).  Most of the money from the auction goes to the
> Foundation charity, as this is a fundraiser for them.  (If your NFT doesn't
> sell, then you - and they - get nothing.)
> * If your NFT sells, they pay me and then I pay you.  I'll set this up
> through my business entity Winged Cat Solutions, which exists in part for
> this kind of project.  I can't predict how quickly they will pay, but once
> I get the funds I will send my checks out ASAP.
> * These NFTs are to be generated specifically for this gala.  They're not
> to be part of some other series.  (The exclusivity is part of the value of
> these unique items.)
> * These must be complete NFTs.  Just the art isn't enough.  If you can
> make good art but can't make NFTs, you may partner with someone who can;
> make whatever arrangements you want between you, but my primary point of
> contact should be the person making the NFT.
> * The Foundation must be in possession of the NFT, and know how to
> transfer it, before the auction (possibly a few days before; I can ask if
> it looks like it will matter).  This is easy for physical components (ship
> so that they receive them before the auction); for electronic, I phrase it
> this way because different NFT systems have different rules for what
> constitutes "possession" and how to transfer it.
> * If you have relevant cred that the audience might have heard of, I can
> tell the auctioneers to mention your name when auctioning the NFT you make
> so as to try to increase its value.  (I'm looking first and foremost at
> Keith Henson with this point, but not only at Keith.  For instance, Natasha
> - if participating - could no doubt craft an impressive list of
> associations and relevant work for the auctioneers to read off.)
> Anyone who's interested and may have time to create one or more NFTs in
> time for the gala, please contact me offlist.
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