[ExI] Facebook Whistleblower's New 60 Minutes Interview

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Social media; all they are doing is letting people be people and making
money from it, fulfilling the American Dream.  Granted, it's not like it's
the top of the curve people, but why don't they get a chance at their kind
of dream - famous for 15 minutes?

Now you are asking these media to be arbiters of what's ethical or moral or
dangerous or true.   I think that may be more dangerous than what idiots
say.  If people can't tell idiots from non-idiots, how is that Facebook's
fault?  Or any media's fault - paranoids and idiots and so on can get crazy
ideas from lots of places.  New York Times, Wall Street Journal..........
 bill w

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> 9 Horrifying Facts From the Facebook Whistleblower's New 60 Minutes
> Interview
> You knew Facebook was making the world shittier, but it's so much
> worse than you realized.
> By Matt Novak 3 Oct 2021
> <
> https://gizmodo.com/9-horrifying-facts-from-the-facebook-whistleblowers-new-1847791184
> >
> Quote:
> Fundamentally, Haugen alleges there’s a key conflict between what’s
> good for Facebook and what’s good for society at large. At the end of
> the day, things that are good for Facebook tend to be bad for the
> world we live in, according to Haugen.
> ----------
> I liked one of the reader comments at the foot of the article:
> Alfred-WhyDidYouSayThatName           10/04/21 12:07am
> It kind of feels like hearing that cigarette companies knew their
> product caused cancer or that oil companies knew that global warming
> was an issue for decades while they lied and sowed doubt. The actual
> damage they’re doing isn’t the part of it that’s news, it’s that they
> were fully aware of it all along.
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> BillK
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