[ExI] Facebook Whistleblower's New 60 Minutes Interview

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>>.... No, madam.  FaceBook, Twitter, Fox News, well all the news agencies actually, every business is about money.  Every political party is about power.  It really is exactly that simple.
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>...Oh, I understand it OK. Just like I understand what the Mafia, drug dealers, ransomware gangs and Nigerian scam gangs do.  I'd just rather stop them from harming people, even if it reduces their profit a bit.



They cannot be stopped in my opinion.  One way or another, news media people and internet moguls will figure out how to maximize profits, regardless of our opinion on who gets harmed.  It is well-known that FaceBook, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram and most recently TikTok, among others, are generally bad influences on young people and compel them to do self-destructive behaviors.  I just haven't convinced myself there is any way to stop them.  There is no way to stop platforms from carrying user-generated content.  No matter what roadblocks we try to put in their way, they will find a way around it, over it, under it or thru it.

Just as the internet-trained AI quickly comes to resemble a most distasteful person, the internet in general reflects humanity as it is.


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