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>>.  If a teenage junky shows up claiming to be John Smith, birthdate
2-28-50, she gets the vaccination and a vaccination proof card like this





>.Wrinkle: someone whose unvaccinated status rests on (to their mind
legitimate) concerns about its long-term safety is on ethically dicey ground
if they incentivize someone else to take it.


Certainly that of course, but let me go another way with it.


I have a card, but suppose my friend doesn't and refuses to get the vaccine
for reasons irrelevant to me, she will not.  But she doesn't want to lose
her job, for if she does, then she will soon be homeless and will likely die
prematurely from the hardships of such a harsh lifestyle.


I could easily take my card, put a piece of white tape over my name, write
hers in that line, substitute her birthday if we consider it necessary,
print out a copy on my own printer on card stock (I have plenty of that) and
then she presents the card, keeps her job and I saved her life (from
starvation or the inherent risk of harlotry and homelessness, etc.)  I
haven't committed counterfeiting, for a vaccination card isn't currency.
There are no laws on the books with regard to those things.


Let's go back to the teenage junky for the sake of argument.  Suppose she
sets up shop after recognizing that getting these jabs is a less risky
business (and pays better) than the other things she jabs herself with or
allows herself to be jabbed with for money.  She realizes she can sell her
arm for a hundred bucks a shot rather than whatever else she is selling for
fifty, so she shows up at the local free vaccine clinic four or five times a
day.  The workers there know what is going on, but they may not require
photo ID and may not even call the police, for the store employees cannot
even stop shoplifting in progress, going on right there.  So. the teenage
junky makes plenty of money while generating a dataset I am interested in


But let's go yet another way.  Imagine someone who heard a former POTUS
encourage the vaccine with the words ".get the shot!  I did it!  It's
goooood!" and is convinced that if anyone demonstrates how safe they are,
that more people will get the shot, which would save lives.  We don't know
what happens if someone gets 100 of these vaccines in a span of a coupla
months, but. perhaps everyone here would like to know.


So. this hypothetical person who imagines himself a brave altruistic
dartboard gets a shot a day, carefully documents each one with a photo of
the needle going into his Harley Davidson tattoo, time stamped and
documented with a selfie.  Then he goes on Twitter to encourage the
proletariat that "I did 100 of these things, and here I am!  I did it, it's


There you have the means and the motive.  My speculation is that any day
now, we will be hearing from someone who has received 100 vaccines.  Then we
get a valuable datum.


Any speculations on what happens if someone gets 100 of these vaccines?




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