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>>... If the FBI did try such a case, they would lose, for the defendant 
> could easily point out that the vaccines are not FDA approved, that 
> nothing developed under Trump can be trusted,

>...A judge would instruct the jury to disregard that last bit...

That business about a judge instructing a jury to disregard something always
slew me.  Sure, don't think about something that probably will end up
swaying a jury.  Heh.  What a weird system we have.

>...and certainly not allow expert testimony on the Trump taint...

Considering the current US Vice President once said she would not trust
anything developed under Trump, a jury isn't going to come to a unanimous
opinion on anything which has been corrupted by politics.  No reasonable
prosecutor would take this on.  Case dismissed.

I am the most moderate person in history.  We had a contest to see who was
the most moderate.  I won.  On a jury, even I wouldn't vote to convict
anyone for using a fake covid vaccine card, and I am pro-vaccination.


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