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On 04/10/2021 23:39, spike asked:
> Any speculations on what happens if someone gets 100 of these vaccines?

Let me take a wild stab in the dark: Nothing.

(assuming a reasonable timescale. One a day for 100 days, or 2 a day for
50 days. What happens if someone gets 100 jabs in the space of an hour is
anyone's guess. Even water will kill you if you drink enough of it in a
short enough time).



I think we will find out within a month or two.  They took a while getting
the sites going, and it wasn't widely publicized that photo ID is not
required (even though it could be inferred, given the widely publicized fact
that in California anyone can vote without photo ID.)  Without ID, anyone is
anyone one says one is, and can identify as someone else of any of the known

I thought of another interesting aspect of the whole notion.  We know that
in covid there is a spectrum of belief about its danger.  Perhaps we could
construct a bell-shaped curve if we wish to collapse that fear factor into a
single axis.  For instance, imagine a scale with the horizontal axis being
the amount of fear a person has of covid (which can be relative to other
fears) with the vertical being the number of people with that level of fear.

Having had the virus myself (we think) and being very sick but surviving
without serious consequences, I might put myself on the left side of that
bell curve, perhaps about one standard deviation lower than the mean.  But I
personally know those way over on the right side of that curve: one of my
scouts seldom does anything because of covid fear, causing me to worry for
him, for he went through his biggest growth spurt completely without
exercise.  I have a neighbor who has not been seen outdoors in a year and a
half.  I also know those so far over to the left of that curve: they think
covid was all made up, completely fictitious, a hoax.

OK cool now repeat the exercise for vaccine fears.  I am over to the left
side of that one too, perhaps a sigma to the left, possibly more.  So... my
covid fear and vaccine fear roughly match: I don't consider either a
significant risk to my wellbeing.

Now think about how people would behave if those factors didn't match: their
covid fear was low and vaccine fear was high for instance.  They would be
the vaccine resistance movement.  Never mind bringing in government fear,
because that would complicate the matter further if we take into account
those who distrust the vaccine because the previous POTUS and present POTUS
recommend it, nor do they trust the current head of the NIH who worked for
both.  Never mind that for now.

What about those whose covid fear is high and vaccine fear is low?  Most of
us agree we really don't know how long vaccine immunity lasts (are there
those here who would dispute that we don't know?)  The
covid-fear-high-vaccine-fear-low crowd are the kind of people who might
reason that the immunity from the vaccine might confer immunity only for
perhaps a week rather than the more generally-accepted two to five years.
They might then go to a different free-shot site every week, accumulating
about 50 shots a year.  

We are not yet a year into that kind of vaccine availability, but we might
be soon.

Ben would be over on the left side of the vaccine fear curve, as would most
of us here probably.  Ben might be farther left than I am, for I don't know
what happens if someone gets a vaccine a week for a year.  I can imagine the
immune system getting stirred up and doing bad things, but I am not a medic.
Would the RNA bits accumulate somehow?  Hard to say.  Would one develop an
allergy to the vaccine?  Seems a reasonable possibility that it could


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