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>...I thought of another interesting aspect of the whole notion.  We know
that in covid there is a spectrum of belief about its danger.  Perhaps we
could construct a bell-shaped curve if we wish to collapse that fear factor
into a single axis.  ...spike




Do indulge me in pushing this notion to absurdity and beyond please.


Imagine doing that fear of covid and fear of vax graph into bell curves, and
put both on a 2D grid as shown with the Vax fear on the vertical and the
covid fear on the horizontal.  I have shown marks there representing
standard deviations, so that everyone in the sanity zone would be somewhere
on that graph.




If one is undecided whether the vaccine or covid is a higher risk, one is on
the dashed line.  Below the dashed line, one takes the vaccine voluntarily,
above the dashed line, one would refuse.


Regarding the notation, quadrants 1 and 3 are divided into regions 1, 2, 3
and 4.  I am in quadrant 3 region 3: I consider my covid risk low but the
vaccine risk lower, so. region 3.


In quadrant 4 are the stubborn vaccine refusers, the kind of people who will
buy (or make) phony covid proof or perhaps would buy the religious exemption


That data I keep going on about are those deep in the bottom right of this
graph, way over in quadrant 2.  They would be the yahoos sneaking around
collecting vaccines at every opportunity.





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