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>.Imagine doing that fear of covid and fear of vax graph into bell curves,
and put both on a 2D grid as shown with the Vax fear on the vertical and the
covid fear on the horizontal.  spike





OK so now I am down in that laid-back easy-breezy quadrant 3 region 3.  This
is not to say I wasn't just a little disappointed in the vaccine.  The
scientists agreed that the virus somehow originated in bats, so of course
those of us who ever read comic books back in the 60s had in the back of our
minds that maybe injecting RNA from bats would result in our getting Batman


But then. we realized the awful truth: Batman was the only known superhero
who didn't have any actual superpowers.  He had a buttload of money, the
sixpack abs, he had the bat cave, a really cool car, he had youthful ward
Dick Grays.  on. eh. hmmm. OK then, car, cave, money, abs, that guy was
really cool, but no actual superpowers, unlike Spider Man who was bitten by
the radioactive. well you know the drill, but humanity was unfortunate
enough to catch a murderous virus from the one beast associated with the one
superhero who had no actual superpowers at all.  Damn.


In any case. where are you on the graph above and why?  Feel the spirit of
the game and be open.  We are among friends here.  It is OK to have
reservations about that vaccine: it was rushed, and as far as I know, it is
a new technology where one injects RNA from a bat into our systems
theorizing that it will stimulate the immune system.  I don't think that
could cause harm, but I don't know everything.  Over time it looks like it
would just break down, completely without risk of causing covid.  But I am
not a biologist.


Thoughts please?



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