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>…Did you get a 'goofiness' warning on Quora?  bill w



No, it was a notice that my post was inappropriate and not in keeping with the standards of Quora.


A former college roommate had a gay guy at his office develop a crush on him.  He was single, never married at age 41, so the guy took a chance and approached him.  The guy said he couldn’t eat his lunch, he would get such an adrenaline rush whenever my friend was around it would upset his stomach etc.


My friend was revolted, horrified, very annoyed, made a comment best not uttered in the office.  My friend is an edgy guy so it doesn’t surprise me: he was approached by men at least twice in college, and I noted the reaction then.  He posted to Quora asking what was the right thing to do in that case.


I suggested putting on a Scottish brogue and handing him an alka-selzer: “This is the best I can do for ye, me lad.  I am straight as an arrow.”


Eh, that’s how I handle tense situations.  I don’t do anger.  I would try for something perfectly clear but as light hearted as possible.  Quora thought that answer didn’t meet their standards.  Hmph.  I thought it was a good response.  Thoughts?




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