[ExI] we all knew this was coming

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Sat Oct 16 20:46:30 UTC 2021

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> I think you’re looking at it wrong.
> We’re still playing the primitive, unintelligent, survival of the fittest, win/lose games.
> In that game, most all evil, like guns, are justified as that is better than losing, in a winner takes all win/lose game.
> What I believe we all knew was coming, from day 1, was that we’ll overcome all this.
> We will flip hierarchies upside down, and find out what everyone wants, bottom up, with no censoring.  Once we can know, concisely and quantitatively, what everyone wants, not just the guy at the top – it becomes about what everyone wants, win/win.
> Once AI achieves this level of intelligence, and understands what is possible, it will just say no, to primitive people still telling them to pick up guns.
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AI knowledge won't solve this problem without changing humanity and
human nature beyond all recognition.
Humans all want different things and their wants keep changing, so
unlimited production would seem to be required. Some humans want 'bad'
things, such as killing humans with different ethics or beliefs or
just wanting to control other humans.

A superhuman AI might well decide that an easier task might be to
'adjust' humans so that their behaviour reduces wants and conflicts.
Perhaps create a human hive-mind where everyone is an acceptable part
of the whole creation.

But certainly, if an AI takes over and reorganises the world the
result will not be what we expect.
(Though it might be necessary for our survival).


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