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>…But how many shots are needed for the vaccine requirement for the 100% covid19 immunity?


Sherry no one knows this.  In order to gain some insights on your question, we would advertise across this big wide planet for people deep in quadrant 2: find those whose fear of covid-19 is very high and their fear of immunization is very low.  Then we give them as many of these immunizations as they want.  Then we make a spreadsheet with a column for how many shots the patient took and see how many it was before there was complete immunity.  I know of no other way to know for sure.




>…And how can it be certain the immunity is permanent, meaning if the person dies it will not be from COVID-19?  Sherry

Find some quadrant 4 people who took the immunization under pressure, to prevent job loss for instance.  They took only one dose.  See how long until their covid rate matches the non-immunized public who has never had covid.  With that data we can estimate the time span of immunity for one J and J, and even more interesting in a way, the immunity span for those who took one shot of one of the brands which recommended two doses.

It is unfortunate that we had a systematic failure in how covid data was collected.  We discovered information that could have been far more useful than it was had we some kind of systematic way of collecting and organizing data, such as that huge bike rally in Sturgis in August of 2020.  Plenty of people predicted that would be a super-spreader event, but it turned out to be a mostly anomalous sub-spreader.  That was never explained adequately.  

In retrospect it is difficult to prove it really was a sub-spreader because of a lack of systematic data collection and retention.

So… at this point we are waiting for some means of adequately collecting and organizing health data.  

An insight I might offer: such a system cannot be done in the USA.  Reason: it would likely require open access to health records.  In the USA those cannot be forced open because of constitutional rights found in the 4th Amendment.  So we would need to go to a country which does not have legally-coded individual privacy rights.  Where?








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