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>.Here is the Hollywood Reporter's take on things.






>.And they verify my earlier claim that, since the silent-film era, live
ammunition has been prohibited on any movie set precisely for these sorts of
safety reasons.Stuart LaForge






Thanks for that article Stuart.  I agree with their take on it and consider
that image they used most unfortunate, for it demonstrates they aren't
following NRA safety protocol.  See why?




Weapon in firing configuration with finger on trigger but the owner of those
hands could not be aiming at a target with the hands in that position.  If
the weapon holder is aiming, he would need to be a contortionist with a lot
more left shoulder flexibility than I have.


Hollywood Inc has long stumbled over this.  There are plenty of cases where
the scene calls for someone to be firing directly at the camera.  If the
shooter is in the proper aiming posture, the camera cannot see the movie
star's handsome face or the badassedness of the badass' face.  So. Hollywood
Inc works out ways around that, simultaneously teaching the proletariat
incorrect ways to fire a weapon much faster than the NRA can teach people to
proper gun safety. 


This explains why it is common in a shootout between one constable and one
badass for the perp to miss with every round (often striking bystanders) but
perish in the exchange: the lawman is trained and practiced, the miscreant
is doing it just like the badass he saw on the big screen where the camera
could see his badass face while he is firing.  Mercy.


Regarding the tragedy on the set, it seems so very obvious to me: just train
the actors to check a prop gun to see if it is loaded before firing the damn
thing.  How hard is that?  It takes two seconds to just check it.  There is
no reason to hang one's career, reputation and someone else's life on the
set crew telling you a prop gun is cold.  I wouldn't take anyone's word on
that, not even R. Lee Ermey.



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