[ExI] question not being asked in Alec Baldwin shooting

Bill Hibbard hibbard at wisc.edu
Sun Oct 24 15:02:28 UTC 2021

I agree with all the responses about people involved being
held responsible.

My real interest is the media response, which isn't even
asking about Baldwin's reckless behavior. All the media
coverqage seems to be trying to distract attention from
that issue.

Stuart LaForge wrote:
> https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/alec-baldwin-shooting-rust-movie-munitions-experts-gun-safety-1235035713/

Thanks for this. This Hollywood Reporter story at least
discusses the rules for gun safety, violated by Baldwin.

I am not on Facebook but it would be interesting to know
if the issue of Baldwin's reckless behavior is being
discussed there. What would be very interesting would be
any attempt by Facebook to ban such a discussion. Like
their ban, for a while, on discussing the possibility
that Covid escaped from the Wuhan lab.

I've read that in China they've banned images of Winnie
the Pooh because it is a symbol of the slightly pudgy Xi

The interesting story on media is the stories they don't

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