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>>…In 2021, actor Baldwin killed more people than all 5 million dues-paying NRA
members combined.


>… Having a gun around at all — whether you’re a member of the NRA or not — is just makes it a lot more likely (as in possible at all) someone will be accidentally killed by said gun, no?


By using the term “someone” equates the good guy with the bad guy with the suicide.  Those are three different things, and two of those terms are opposites.  If the good guy kills the bad guy, it prevents her from ever killing someone else, so that saves lives.  Suicide with one’s own gun, well… my personal belief is that my life is mine and I have the right to do with it as I will.  So that too is different and not comparable.  Often statistics are distorted by mixing those three things.


>…I recall a report of an NRA accidentally shooting himself (though not to death) from a few years ago:




Ja, accidental self-shootings occasionally happen.  They are rare.  Far more rare if the self-victim has taken the excellent NRA safety course, which they offer free.


>…And here’s an NRA member convicted of killing someone: 






Ja road rage happens.  I don’t think actor Baldwin did that however, even given his reputation for everything-rage not just the common road variety.  I think the tragedy was an accident probably, although I am still at a loss to understand why there were live (non-blank) rounds on the set at all.  That sounds to me like either an astonishing violation of safety protocol (most likely) or possibly an act of criminal malice, but the latter really stretches the imagination.  


I heard they had three accidental discharges of real ammo on that one movie project alone.  That just boggles my mind they were still making that film after the first two incidents or even after the first one.  I could vaguely imagine some disgruntled miscreant loading prop pistols with live rounds in an attempt to wreck the project because of personal disputes with management, but not to intentionally kill someone.  In this particular case, there was known severe animosity between management and labor.


Dan regarding the safety of having a personal gun or the safety value of legal concealed carry, the factor that messes up the statistics is that there is no good way to quantize the condition of the neighborhood in which one lives.  In some areas, it really is a lot safer to be (legally) armed than to not be, but there are not many places like that and I would speculate that no one here is likely to live in any of them.  If so, I do urge you to move out, forthwith.  Most places are plenty safe, you don’t need to pack around that extra weight.






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