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> Hi Bill,
> This particular actor was bitterly critical of the organization that teaches
> people gun safety, including the rule which would have prevented this
> presumably accidental shooting.  If someone hands you a firearm and tells
> you it is not loaded, the first thing you do is check to see if it is
> loaded.  It is easy to tell.
> The NRA offers an excellent gun safety course.  They really know what the
> heck they are doing.  Actor Baldwin hated the NRA and wanted to sue them out
> of existence.  Apparently his is opposed to gun safety.
> In 2021, actor Baldwin killed more people than all 5 million dues-paying NRA
> members combined.

A little googling here might help. And just common sense. Having a gun around at all — whether you’re a member of the NRA or not — is just makes it a lot more likely (as in possible at all) someone will be accidentally killed by said gun, no? I recall a report of an NRA accidentally shooting himself (though not to death) from a few years ago:


And here’s an NRA member convicted of killing someone:


So googling a little seems to show NRA members have killed people — in the above link, ‘murdered‘ is the correct term. (I’m surprised you used killed because one reason to have a gun is to potentially shoot and likely kill someone in self-defense or in defending others.)

For years, NRA critics have pointed to accidental gun deaths. That’s been one of their (critics in recent years) major talking points for gun control. (I’m no fan of the NRA, though I am a fan of personal self-defense, which I think is actually a Left wing issue. Even the mainstream media recognizes this a wee bit: https://www.vice.com/en/article/gy5ex9/the-leftist-argument-against-gun-control .)

Gun safety on film sets is usually taken very seriously. The issue with this incident is not that a high profile NRA critic blah blah blah, but that somehow gun safety was extremely lax on this particular set. See my post responding to Bill on this.



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