[ExI] question not being asked in Alec Baldwin shooting

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>…Asst. director Halls said it was cold/unloaded.  He should be charged.  Reckless endangerment.  Baldwin with something worse and made to take a gun safety course.  I don't know if you can legally do it, but Baldwin should pay and pay big to the families of the victims.  Civil suit?   bill w



Ja.  The movie set was having labor disputes, the lead actor was known for anger management problems, they had already had two other accidental discharges of projectiles on that project.  It is easy to imagine someone sneaking a loaded gun onto the set and switching out a stunt gun when no one is looking.


Baldwin is a popular actor with an enormous following.  He could partly make up for the lost life by apologizing to the NRA and endorsing its excellent gun safety course.  Will he do it?  I predict he has not the moral courage, but that is how he could attempt to make his life and the one he took mean something, to contribute to saving other innocent lives.







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