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>…In some states clinical psychologists can testify before a judge as to the necessity of putting someone in a mental facility, not necessarily a hospital.  Psychiatrists are in charge in every state…   bill w




Ja, it is a reason to go to California if one needs mental health care: the patients have a lotta rights there.  I don’t claim to know all the answers, but it should never be illegal to be mentally ill.  Yuckadoodles will observe the reason California is that way is because we don’t allow convicted criminals to vote but we do allow the crazies.  


I see no way to do otherwise.  One can be convicted of a crime, but to convict someone of being mentally disturbed I would think would also have the right to a jury trial.  OK imagine a jury of peers for one accused of crazy.  I will tell ya right up front: I would vote the accused innocent in every case, and would let the others know right up front why I am doing it: sure I knows crazy when I sees it, but I can’t defines it.  It isn’t law.








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