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>…If you are going by the evidence that the gun will make a positive difference to your health and safety, what would you suggest is the right thing to do if the evidence shows that you or a family member are more likely to die if you have a gun at home?


Stathis Papaioannou



Stathis, if one believes that one is safer without a gun, then don’t have one.  Otherwise, have one.  That is simple enough.


I can carry that a bit further.  If one is sneaking around on one’s bride, best to not have one.  If either spouse has an explosive temper, best to not.  If anyone in the family has suicidal tendencies: best to not to.  If none of those, and if all members of the family have reviewed and understand the NRA materials, if the household contains members of the militia, then best to have one.



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