[ExI] question not being asked in Alec Baldwin shooting

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>…Spike, just where did you get the idea that in some places being mentally ill is illegal?  It makes no sense at all.   bill w



In California there is a drive to make it illegal for mentally ill people to own a gun.  If so, that equates being mentally ill with being convicted of a crime, for we do not allow criminals to own a gun.


If being judged (by some means) to be mentally ill results in loss of gun rights, it should also cause the mentally ill to lose voting rights, as felons may not vote from prison.  If one can finish a prison term but cannot finish a mental illness term, then it appears to me as though a mental illness diagnosis should result in loss of gun rights and voting rights forever. 


This becomes a political hot potato when we note that in California, one can lose gun rights if one is addicted to some drugs, even if the addicted person has not committed an actual crime (other than the drug use (which isn’t necessarily illegal in itself (drinking bottles of over-the-counter cough syrup for instance.)))


OK then.  What if we decide that anyone who loses gun rights for any reason also loses voting rights?  Are we ready to go there?



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