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Oh, I haven't forgotten any history, and the leaders of China are tyrants,
and all that.  Our own history, particularly in the 20 century, has truly
awful wars and other things in it.  China doesn't run around the world
trying to change people with wars who are not going to change (((and
killing tens of thousands of civilians (collateral damage) while killing
one member of a radical group (for propaganda purposes), who is immediately
replaced))).  They hate us in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran etc.

>From what I read China is doing good things, say in Africa, to win friends
with help rather than with guns.

You have to admit that they have made incredible progress since Mao in any
economic indicator you chose.  I am still unalterably opposed to
authoritarian governments of any kind.  Including actions of our own
government.   China is not totally the bad guys we think they are and
neither are we totally the good guys we think we are.  bill w

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> > This is clearly some kind of CCP propaganda piece written by some fan
> > boy. What part of it made you forget history, Bill?
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> Astro-turfing campaigns have destroyed the information content of social
> media.
> Disinformation campaigns mean that lies and propaganda will have
> millions of posts and supporting articles spread on social media and
> the internet. Not just China. Russia and western countries also use
> this system to gain support for their side.
> The sheer volume of disinformation is overwhelming.
> See:
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroturfing>
> For China, see:
> <https://handwiki.org/wiki/Social:50_Cent_Party>
> <https://handwiki.org/wiki/Social:Internet_Water_Army>
> There are also patriotic Chinese who join in the campaigns.
> <https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-58922011>
> Social media has become like a destructive cancer.
> BillK
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