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>…I have a fun story for you…I asked (30 years after the fact) what the study was for.  Answer: it was to correlate DNA with changing numbers for vitals.  I gave them the six extra vials today.
> OK so…I was part of that study.  But now… I STILL don’t know who is doing the study, where the results are published, whatever became of nurse Gunilla Goodbody, I know nossink!  This sounds like a really cool project, I am a data point in it somewhere, and I have no idea what became of that, or what the hell, or where to find out.  I do have one important piece of information: it really is connected to Stanford somehow.
> Have we medical hipsters here who might offer a vague clue where to find or how to find a Stanford-based study of ageing which includes blood samples collected 30 yrs apart?  Adrian, you have friends in that world ja?
> spike
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I think your data may not be required any longer.  A study of how
aging biomarkers change over time usually requires blood tests at
least annually. Your 30-year interval was only because you moved away
from your recruitment address.

The Snyder lab at Stanford Medical appears to be working in this area.


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