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I think your data may not be required any longer.  A study of how aging biomarkers change over time usually requires blood tests at least annually. Your 30-year interval was only because you moved away from your recruitment address.

The Snyder lab at Stanford Medical appears to be working in this area.



Thx BillK,

Ja and something else occurred to me: if DNA from the same patient over a long time span is important, we have a lotta that stuff coming soon.  The consumer-level DNA kits are 10 yrs old now, or older depending on how one defines "consumer level" and many of the users gave them permission to store those samples indefinitely (I did.)  I had misunderstood the definition of a SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism to think an individual has mutations in their DNA which might be measured over time.  But as I study it, I realize I need to stick to rocket science.  This biology crap is just too complicated and it doesn't have enough differential equations in there to be understandable.

Anyhows, BillK thanks for the link.  I scanned the photo in that first link but didn't see any who looks a bit like... well, this is a good thing.  {8^D

Oh for a thousand lifetimes.  I would study the hell outta... well, just everything.  I would spend all of them studying cool stuff like DNA and rocket science and long term medical projects and insects and stuff.  Life is just too short and I am too dumb.  I need a brain transplant, with a smarter one this time.  Can some of you computer hipsters arrange for us to upload into a computer, so we can run around on the internet gobbling up information like some kind of collective data pacman?


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