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An interesting series on the future of money worth following......

"The development of new financial technologies and their adoption by nation
states and private actors is unleashing transformative effects on the
international financial system. Though the dollar remains the dominant
international currency today, there is contentious debate over whether it
can be, or is in the process of being, replaced.

While another fiat currency replacing the dollar in the short term remains
unlikely, the development of digital currencies in the form of central bank
digital currencies (CBDCs), de-centralized cryptocurrencies, and
private-sector digital currencies all pose threats to the U.S.’s ability to
continue capturing gains from current systems, leveraging dollar centrality
to enforce sanctions, and otherwise influence international financial
transactions over the longer term.

Our 3-part series, *The Future of Money*, breaks down the technologies and
geopolitical forces shaping the global financial landscape and is a
critical resource for those looking to better understand and navigate its
rapid transformation."

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