[ExI] 40 Ways Things Are Getting Better

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John, the power of China and its future is not a topic on which I feel particularly qualified to pontificate, except in one respect: Perhaps China's economy will come to be twice the size of the USA's. This is far from inevitable since growth is slowing and is likely to continue slowing both due to the inefficient economic policies and, crucially, to China moving into the later stages of making use of underutilized human capital -- urbanization, etc. Having a bigger economy than ours is not inherently bad, of course. It depends on how the country develops politically.

Sorry for a weak answer, but it's really not my area.

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Max, what is your view on the rising power of China/CCP? In time they may have an economy twice the size of ours, and so I hope they mellow out as soon as possible! But the problem is, they may continue to be an ever more powerful expansionist power that butts heads and tries to intimidate others. Yes, things are getting better, but I view the clash of worldviews between China and the U.S./her allies, as the preeminent matter of the 21st century.


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An enjoyable reminder not to get stuck in gloomy, short-sighted thinking:

40 Ways Things Are Getting Better – Reason.com<https://reason.com/2021/08/31/40-ways-things-are-getting-better/>
Answers relating to food, alcohol, marijuana, coffee, computing, and TV—areas no one can deny have improved since the turn of the century—seem to be the most prevalent. And, despite a diverse ...

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