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On 02/09/2021 00:30, bill w asked:


>> Is money being spent wisely in the tech industry?  Are they spending 


>> spending enough money on Longevity research.






>...Not only will that benefit the human race, it will make a cubic buttload
(to employ a Spikeism) of money...


Hey cool a double win.





>...Why isn't there a lot more longevity research? I can only think it's
simple short-sightedness.  Ben



Ben I would suggest it is because there isn't enough money in it.  There is
money to be made for sure, but not enough of it.  


Optimistist's view: there is a lot of R&D going into that and it is making
cubic buttloads, but it isn't easily recognizable as longevity research.  It
is focused not so much on making us live longer but in looking better and
being more alive while we are living.


Consider this photo of my great grandmother that I took as a small child age
6.  She is 81 in that photo.  Great granny did everything right even by
today's health standards: she never smoked, never drank alcohol, clean
living, plenty of exercise running her farm.  By today's standards, 81 isn't
particularly old, but this was the last year she still had the strength to
do what she is doing in this photo (inquiries welcome.)  She expired about a
year later.


In those days, men were generally worn out before they ever reached 80.  Her
husband made it to 65 and perished for no particular reason other than men
just pretty much were used up by that age back then.


Compare that (really not long ago) to a 60 year old man today.  Compare a
typical 81 year old woman then and now.  In most cases, we are just more
alive at any given age than our counterparts even 50 years ago, and
definitely 100 years ago.  Perhaps much of it has to do with our still
having teeth after age 50.  Far too many of the old timers did not.


Whatever we are doing now is adding years to our lives and adding life to
our years.


Our health dollars are doing something.




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