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> On 02/09/2021 00:30, bill w asked:
> > Is money being spent wisely in the tech industry?  Are they spending
> > too much on things that will make a lot of money as compared to
> > something that will really advance knowledge?  What are they not
> > spending enough money on

A better question might be to ask how we can address the fact that
capitalism is all about making money, whether the long-term term effects
are good for society or not. Facebook has some pluses and minuses, but the
corporation doesn't bear any liability for the damage it causes.

Longevity research.
> Not only will that benefit the human race, it will make a cubic buttload
> (to employ a Spikeism) of money.
> Why isn't there a lot more longevity research? I can only think it's
> simple short-sightedness.

Research is expensive and longevity is a tough nut to crack. It takes deep
pockets to invest in it heavily. And there's a fraction of the population
that is morally opposed to it as it's going against the natural order of

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