[ExI] abba is back: the wicked coolest thing in years

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> Check this: they have simulated or digitally recreated the young ABBA, one of my favorite rock groups from my tragically misspent youth:
> https://twitter.com/i/status/1433475421765607426
> Check it out:
> ABBA Voyage Official Website - 2022 ABBA Concert in London
> Fun part: I kept a pair of my disco pants from the olden days.  I do confess I have never actually been in a disco and I am not sure I would recognize it as such were I to be in one, but I assume it has a mirror globe or something, and geezers dancing to slightly modified lyrics, such as
> Dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventyyyyyyy…
> Oh mercy I love living in our times.
> spike
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The animals love that music too!!

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