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>…I remember having a church leader who liked to say, "no one ever died from hard work!" 


Ja, the hell they didn’t.  In the old days, pleeeenty of people died as an indirect result of farm accidents and just wore out early because of accumulated injury from farming.  The husband of that lady in the photo was a perfect example: he had a persistent infection we think was caused by a particle of some kind left behind from a puncture wound from one of his pieces of equipment.  Back when horses and mules were used to pull equipment, it was even more dangerous.  Those beasts have their own opinions on how things should be done, and they sometimes express that.


>…Lol Now for many modern day people in the first world that may apply…



We transitioned directly from the dangers of physical overwork to the dangers of physical underwork.  Now our muscles are soft and unaccustomed to labor, including the one which pushes the blood thru the extra flab.   


I do not exclude myself.  I walk to school with my son.  Last week we started, I realized I forgot something, ran back to fetch that, ran to catch up.  My FitBit started buzzing, gently inquiring as to my condition, seeing numbers it has never seen in years.


Then an idea occurred to me…


Next post, different topic.





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