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>…I realized I forgot something, ran back to fetch that, ran to catch up.  My FitBit started buzzing, gently inquiring as to my condition, seeing numbers it has never seen in years.


>…Then an idea occurred to me…


>…Next post, different topic.




A lot of us have these watches that can monitor one’s pulse and some other vitals to some extent.  They communicate with our phones.  Our phones know where we are, even when they aren’t being used.


Scenario:  out for a walk, fibrillation or a seizure or something, FitBit senses something is up, alerts phone, phone calls emergency contact: Hey can you come remove this prole’s cooling remains, or haul it off to the hospital if it is still breathing?


Think of the cost savings in ambulances alone.  My bride could fetch me, take me right up to the local fire station where their emergency response team has more stuff than you can imagine to keep a feller going until they can pick out the appropriate spot and dig a nice hole.



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