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> A lot of us have these watches that can monitor one’s pulse and some other
> vitals to some extent.  They communicate with our phones.  Our phones know
> where we are, even when they aren’t being used.
> Scenario:  out for a walk, fibrillation or a seizure or something, FitBit
> senses something is up, alerts phone, phone calls emergency contact: Hey
> can you come remove this prole’s cooling remains, or haul it off to the
> hospital if it is still breathing?
> Think of the cost savings in ambulances alone.  My bride could fetch me,
> take me right up to the local fire station where their emergency response
> team has more stuff than you can imagine to keep a feller going until they
> can pick out the appropriate spot and dig a nice hole.
Most people are not available 24x7 to be emergency medical transport.
That's why we have ambulances in the first place.

But perhaps a phone could summon an ambulance, if the problem detection was
accurate enough.
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