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>>…Think of the cost savings in ambulances alone.  My bride could fetch me, take me right up to the local fire station where their emergency response team has more stuff than you can imagine …

>…Most people are not available 24x7 to be emergency medical transport.  That's why we have ambulances in the first place.


>…But perhaps a phone could summon an ambulance, if the problem detection was accurate enough…



Adrian you perhaps know the order of magnitude price delta between a consumer device and a device which is med-qualified.  Your mother is a doctor as I recall.  She may know how much anything allowed in a hospital must meet reliability standards that have been set to absurd levels.


If a watch could alert the parameds, we couldn’t afford them.  If one is set to call next-of-kin and we accept that it might not work, or might send the occasional false alarm, they need not be med-certified and are ordinary consumer items.





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